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Before becoming the world-famous dove of peace, a young, enthusiastic dove learns how to appreciate and bring together the diverse

cultures of the world. 

Welcome to Avery's World

Watch this short video of our theme song for a sense of the fun, excitement, and purpose of our show.

Avery's World  follows an Anti-Bias and Diversity curriculum. Avery along with the show's pre-school viewers, learn that the world they inhabit is made up of contributions from many different kinds of people, and that they, too, can contribute to others.

* * * * *

The main characters represent different regions of the world. There's Ragnar, a fussy, selfish Scandinavian seagull; Lakpa, a precocious Asian kitten; Rosalia, a headstrong, musical Latina bird-of-paradise; and Avery, an artistic, optimistic dove.  Avery does not have a set cultural identity; he is "everybird" and takes on local cultural characteristics wherever the show travels. 

Each episode begins with Avery and his friends (who live together on an island) stumped by a domestic problem. For example, an ingredient may be missing from a recipe, a mysterious piece of art may be delivered, or a visitor in need may arrive.

The solution comes when one of the characters or guest stars remembers what they did "back in my homeland." The character then tells a first-person story, shown in flashback, that opens a window into a new culture and reveals the solution to the current problem. Back in the present, the friends celebrate their accomplishment with a song that reflects that newly-introduced culture.

As the characters work together to solve common problems, viewers at home learn how different cultures -- through art, music, food and industry -- contribute to their daily lives.

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