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I am an award-winning graphic, publication, and product designer using my talents to improve the lives of families around the world. 
     My Broadway credits include work on the musicals Smile
Jean Seberg, and That's Not Tango. In Hollywood, I have designed for I'll Be Next Door for Christmas (the first investment crowd-funded movie in the U.S.) and other independent films.

     For TV, I was Executive Producer for Music City Tonight's Salute to Children's Entertainment and have developed a number of educational media concepts
I have held leadership roles in the American Academy of Children's Entertainment (president), the Children's Media Association (Los Angeles steering committee), the L.A. Guild of Puppetry (showcase publisher), and Screenwriters and Actors of Hollywood (co-leader).     

     I was privileged to be mentored by Marvin Hamlisch, Bill Gile, Shari Lewis, and John "Slim Goodbody" Burstein.  I am also the author of four children's books and hold a patent for a promotional picnic basket. 
     After studying art and architecture at Parsons School of Design, I began my career in publishing, rising to become the publisher of magazines in the parenting, entertainment and advertising industries. 
     I grew up in a multi-national family in a multi-ethnic neighborhood where people enthusiastically shared each other's cultures and traditions. I am committed to building a world where people are celebrated for the contributions they make, not judged by their racial or cultural backgrounds.


Starting up a new tech, retail, or service business requires out-of-the-box thinking and good business sense, since you literally cannot afford to make amateur mistakes. 
     Contact me for special start-up packages and pricing. 

     Do you need to reinvigorate your membership?  Launch a new business?  Reach out to a new demographic?  I have helped organizations triple membership, magazines increase web traffic ten times, and e-commerce companies double their sales volume. 

     I design for your target audience, using the right graphic style and the right emotional tone to enroll them to your cause.  Whether you are targeting wealthy donors, association members, or family audiences, my work gets the job done with clarity, class, and power

     Contact me for a free consultation. 

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