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Avery the Dove of Peace
Try On My Hat
The Only Thing...
Through Tiger's Eyes
Rheostat's Restaurant
Children's Entertainment Hall of Fame
Children's Entertainment Business


Bill Weber has developed literary and entertainment properties, and contributed bright, optimistic designs, to everything from children's books to puppets to games to memes. 

Avery's World  is an "Anti-Bias" pre-school property. Bill is the artist, writer, and producer of this animated musical show now meeting with potential financial backers.

Role Model TV is an internet channel for families that provides educational and emotional support for children and adults both separately and together.  

Through Tiger's Eyes is a picture book of stunning folk art animals that Bill designed, edited, and produced together with the artist and the writer. 

Rheostat's Restaurant is a theme park attraction developed in association with Opryland USA. 

The Children's Entertainment Hall of Fame is a museum and educational center developed with the American Academy of Children's Entertainment.


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