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A heartfelt tribute by designers around the world. 

Milton Glaser (1929-2020) was one of the most influential and beloved graphic designers of his time.  He designed everything from publications (he invented the city magazine as founding publisher and designer of New York magazine), to logos (I Love New York was his) to awards, signage, and typefaces.


Glaser was a gifted illustrator; he redefined the poster as mass communication with his highly creative interpretations during the 60s and 70s. His children's books instilled a love of wordplay and whimsy. And his work in awards, theatre, and interior design brought people together through art that held the popular pulse. 

Glaser inspired generations of designers as he taught, lectured, and consulted with art, business, and civic institutions.

His work was upbeat, optimistic, intelligent, emotional, and highly original.  He believed that graphic design should work hard and communicate simply and directly.

While Milton Glaser's design studio has, sadly, closed down after his passing, reproductions of his work are still for sale through his studio store.

My own work has been deeply influenced by his, using type and color to produce optimistic, hard-working design. My career, in fact, parallels Milton Glaser's. I have designed magazines, posters, children's books, awards, and graphics for theatre, film, and interiors. I am both proud and humble to follow in Milton Glaser's footsteps. 

-- Bill Weber

breadalone-milton glaser.png

Work by Milton Glaser. Above, logo and packaging for Bread Alone included a custom typeface; illustration for the Broadway show Angels in America. Top row below, left to right: illustration for the book, Images of Labor; poster for Bob Dylan; poster for New York magazine. Bottom row, the I Love New York logo; his last work, a logo to represent the phrase, "We Are Together."

Images of Labor Milton Glaser.jpg
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EmMpire States MiltonGlaserPosters-p213.w710.webp
I-NY-milton glaser.png
Together MIlton Glaser.jpeg
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