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Bill "owns" the project and makes it happen. He brought a warmth and camaraderie to the job that made it a joy to show up in the morning, while doing double the work anyone might expect from that position. Any team would be lucky to have him.

-- J.C. McKinley, Controller, Temple Beth Hillel


I was constantly impressed by Bill's design abilities and his beautiful and informative work. Bill had many responsibilities, working with many different departments, and he did so in a calm and diligent manner. If given the opportunity I would gladly work with Bill again.

-- Joseph Hudson, Music Educator, Metropolitan Opera Guild

Bill is quite the entrepreneur and inventor. Sitting on a panel critiquing his unique product The Home Stretch, I realized that he is really different and is offering a product and service that will change the way concessions are personally carried by patrons at stadiums and ballparks across the country.

-- Rey Ybarra, Author, Conversations With Shark Tank Winners

Bill’s work is a never-ending explosion of wit and ingenuity. A deep dive into Bill’s world leaves you with profound appreciation not only  for his talent, but for the continuous thread of love for humanity, children, and the difference we can all make in a world that challenges us every day.  

-- Michael Breitner, American Express Publishing, Director of Corporate Sales and Marketing (retired)


Bill’s contribution to our business has been enormous. He has helped design best-sellers, consult with corporate customers and solve manufacturing problems. Bill is creative, inventive and intuitive. He can size up a client in an instant and offer solutions that match their needs and our capabilities. 

--  Mark Lawrence, CEO, and affiliated brands

Bill Weber's inventiveness and skill is unmatched. No matter the challenge, his boundless creative imagination rises to meet it. It's thrilling to see Bill's beautiful work collected in one place to experience its remarkable breadth and scope. 

– Lesley Karsten, Producer, That’s Not Tango

Bill has an innate sense of style and the ability to bring to life designs that capture the essence of any project. The breadth of his work is a testament to his attention to detail and representing ideas without unnecessary embellishment. The end result is the perfect design, no more, no less.

– Peter Singer, Producer-Director, Democratic National Convention


Bill's logo designs are cleverly, thoughtfully, tastefully conceived. They are both educational and fun to view. Like intelligent, playful riddles, they invited me to spend some time with them and find the deeper connection they make to the purposes they serve.

-- Stephen Cohn, Emmy-winning composer

With his design and copywriting skills, Bill helped our organization gain self-confidence and a sense of worthiness. He is an expert at communicating values.

– Rev. Hannah Hope Petrie, Unitarian Universalist Association

Bill Weber has been a benevolent force for connection throughout his life. Those of us who have engaged with his work have connected energetically not only with him, but with all of humanity.

– Liz Fernandez, DVM, Author, Sacred Gifts of a Short Life  



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