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Coming Summer 2022: Try On My Hat!

by Bill Weber 

     Our hats are made in different lands 

     for different reasons

     by different hands!

     Join Avery, the dove of peace, and his friends as they celebrate differences while modeling empathy and prosocial behavior. 

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Light & Love Custom Photo Menorah

A beautiful electric menorah that features your photo or graphic printed in vibrant color on a laser-cut piece of acrylic.  

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Give the Arts a Hand Throw Pillow

Support the arts!  Attend, assist, applaud, create, subscribe, support, share!  Give this pillow to the artists, actors, musicians, back-stagers, and audience members in your life! Now on


Through Tiger's Eyes

Art by Edward B. Snyder, words by Judy Kamilhor, story by Bill Weber  

     What does Tiger see as he walks through the forest? In this delightful blend of dazzling color and gentle poetry, children learn how to observe the world around them.  This is a captivating book filled with color, personality, and love. 

Peace Pictures

Designs of fun (starring Avery the Dove of Peace) and inspiration are available on t-shirts, tote bags and more.