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As parents, we’re committed to our kids.  We volunteer for the PTA, the soccer team, and Sunday school.  We get involved with afterschool programs, town safety patrols, and teenage party planning. Some of us have even moved to the suburbs, taking on a change of job, a longer commute, and more debt.


What’s been missing is a media network as committed as we are to our family’s physical, intellectual, and emotional needs.


Until now. 


Introducing RoleModel.TV, the next-generation network for next-generation families. 
RoleModel.TV uses the latest technology (including Zoom) to create an interactive, intimate place where families meet with today’s most trusted educators, scientists, thinkers, counselors and doers.  Real people like Michelle Obama, Tom Chapin and others that you may not have heard of but have so much to offer. 

Think of our hosts as the trusted teachers you had when you were in school and that you pray your kids have now. 


Programming To Look Up To

RoleModel.TV is a 24 hour a day digital channel with programming that supports the hopes, dreams, and realities of family life.


Our shows are designed to actually help families communicate and live better (as opposed to most programming, which is designed to segment us from each other so that we zone out and shop). 

Our hosts and writers have years of experience in both education and entertainment. They get laughs with punchlines, not punches. Their shows are for participating, not watching. 


What programs would make real kids run home from school to watch?  What programs address what families are really talking about?  When teenagers disappear into their rooms at night, what kind of programming will lure them back out into the living room?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves when we schedule RoleModel.TV.

Talk shows for tweens, teens, and adults stream live 24-hours a day. Here's how it works by age group: is targeted at kids from 9-up and the parents of kids of all ages.  


Kids 9-12 - On Demand and live afterschool and weekends. </span> Kids this age are in the <span style="font-style: italic;">“I wanna do that!”</span> zone. So we have participatory shows that pique kids’ curiosity with programs about real-life hobbies and careers.  For example:

  • Assembly - a not-just-the-news-show where journalists and other writers teach how to think critically and communicate effectively in the public sphere.

  • Home Made Horror - a video clip show where kids submit their own horror and fantasy vidoes and filmmakers critique and teach.

  • Sports Beast - a famous sports role model shadows a middle school athlete.

  • Burnin’ ’Roni with John Berninzoni - where kitchen creativity, safety, and self-sufficiency is the goal. 

  • Citizen - a show about community activism, volunteering, running an afterschool club, and other ways to make a difference. 

All of our talk shows and inspirational biographies introduce successful people, real-life careers, and the impact of both good and bad choices. 


Teens - On Demand and live during late evening and weekend nights.  Judgement-free call-in talk shows that bring experience and hope to issues like divorce, dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, society, and the future. Especially:


  • Pop Up -  teen stars and musicians talk about their personal challenges and triumphs.

Families Together - On Demand and live during evening and prime time hours.


  • Ingenuity, a science game show that the whole family can watch – and play along with – together.  

  • (Blank) With Your Family, which helps families do the things they do: travel, school, volunteering, pet care, cheerleading, etc.

  • Children's Entertainment Hall of Fame - presenting the great talents of the past.

  • Made in America (now showing on the Travel Channel) - presenting scientists, salesmen, and others who’ve worked hard (as opposed to hyped hard) to get where they are. 

Parents - On Demand and live during mornings and late night hours. Call-in shows on current events, sex, safety, parenting skills, and whatever else is on parents’ minds.  And we will have separate shows for fathers and mothers to help them develop themselves as parents. .

As you can see, we take your family's physical, intellectual, and emotional life seriously.  So seriously that we make this promise: If it doesn’t contribute to your life in some way, it won't be on RoleModel.TV.


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